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Armando Flávio

Armando Flávio - Indústria de Packaging began in 1967, in the packaging business, especially for the cork and agriculture sector.

The company's main concern has always been the satisfaction of its customers, guided by a high degree of demand in all stages of the production cycle, with particular care in identifying the origin and quality of the raw material.  

After more than half a century of existence and now in the 2nd generation, professionalism, integrity and the establishment of business relationships close to the customer, continue to be our added value.



THE  Armando Flávio has explored other business areas, creating and developing sustainable and reusable packaging.

Thus, in 2014, Fiappo was born, a 100% Portuguese brand, which offers sustainable alternatives to single-use products, through its unique and appealing pieces.

Our products are aimed at all those who have already taken the first step on the path of sustainability, those who are discovering it and those who still do not know how to start.

In addition to its own brand, Fiappo develops customized projects with its customers.

We never turn our backs on a challenge and our response is always: "let's try!"


Since 1967 reinventing and adapting. 
We combine innovation and creativity to obtain added value to our product.
More than product sellers, we are partners with our customers. 

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